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Having a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a great way of taking control of your retirement future. There are many benefits of having a SMSF but unfortunately for many of us it also becomes a burden.  

Business, work, family, kids, grandkids and if we’re lucky, getting to taking care of ourselves.  All these things take up our precious time.  Life just gets busy.   So it’s easy to not keep the focus on our retirement savings. 

We help take care of the compliance requirements and make sure your Fund stays on track. 

Always ensuring that we are incorporating the latest technology we make sure administering your SMSF is a breeze, and you’ll get transparency with access to our SMSF portal, keep track of your contributions and super balance.

Founder, Mari Ashted is an accredited SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM (SSA) and has made SMSF her specialty and passion over many years.

To get an understanding of the SMSF administration services we provide, the following a list the many aspects we cover to give you the peace of mind your SMSF is sorted.

SMSF Administration Services

  • Accounting
  • Business Activity Statements
  • Trust Deed services (with our legal partners)
  • Estate Planning
  • Your SMSF Portal 
  • Annual Audit facilitation
  • Taxation 
  • Establishing SMSFs
  • Pension services
  • Trustee education & Seminars
  • Investments

SMSF Administration packages start from $110 per month.

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